Cinevate Has Created My Dream Slider The Atlas FLT

A few months ago at WPPI I met Dennis Wood the president of Cinevate. Dennis told me that if we had a chance to play with Cinevate's DSLR rigging gear it would totally change the way we shoot. So we ended up getting a few pieces of gear from Cinevate, the most exciting piece to me being the Atlas 10 slider.

The Atlas 10 turned out to be the best built slider I have ever gotten to play with. The track was long and amazingly smooth but there was one problem. This thing was big and heavy. The Atlas 10 is actually rated to hold a 40lb camera which means it was really built with cinema cameras in mind. The slider is a dream to use but quite difficult to travel with.

Well I was just about to send Dennis a message to tell him I wanted them to make something that was smaller but still just as smooth when I realized they had read my mind. Cinevate just released the Atlas FLT and for my DSLR shooting and traveling needs, it is my "dream" slider. I literally JUST went over to their website and ordered one. At $579 it is way more expensive than our previous slider, but there is honestly no comparison when it comes to quality.

Here is a video of the larger Atlas 10 in action.

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Mike Pianka's picture

Awesome, I'm in the second video @ 6:32, red helmet. Pretty wild day of shooting with some great gear.


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I can attest to this as well. The 10 is really really heavy but the smoothness is amazing! I think I'm going to have to order one of these smaller ones now too since my older indislider just isn't even close to the quality of the cinevate.

$600 bux and its not even automated? no thanks
that slider material sells for super cheap all you have to do is mount a head on it...

Trust me, I used to think the exact same way. I bought a glidetrack for $300 and I used it for a year and got smooth shots with it. The problem is that it took me 5 -10 passes to get that one perfectly smooth shot. After using Cinevate gear at my last wedding, paying more is worth saving me from the headache and time.

If you are looking for cheap we do really like the indy slider for only $99 but once you use a real piece of pro gear it's hard to go back.

It was just like the Glidecam VS the Merlin. I thought the Glidecam was fine until I used the Merlin and then I never touched the Glidecam again.

thats interesting. i've never heard anyone opting for the merlin over the glidecam.

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Want now!