Comparing the Sensor in Nikon's Df and D4 Cameras

Lately we've been seeing a lot about the Nikon Df. Everything from Lee Morris' Nikon Df Hipster Review to Chase Jarvis' First Impressions, and it seems like the early popular opinion has judged the Df as lacking. Adding to the growing list of underwhelmed reviews is this video from DigitalRevTV as they compare how the D4 sensor performs in both the Df and D4 models.

“Last time we reviewed the Nikon Df, we weren't hugely impressed by the camera beneath all that retro-inspired facade. But some still desire it for the 16-mp D4 sensor within. But does it make the Df a worthy buy?”-DigitalRevTV-
via [DigitalRevTV]

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ridiculous! The Df is not an action camera... it is a camera to "think and shoot", not use it as a machine gun. Where's the Pure Photography? The comparison is valid when shooting in low light, and Df and D4 have the same results. The rest is the same as compare a Ferrari with a Fiat 500. About video, if you really need it, I suggest you to take a GoPro.

It's priced like an action camera and more importantly, people always defend the camera by saying "It has the flagship camera's sensor". This little good humored demonstration shows that it can't even be mentioned in the same sentence as the D4.

It is an expensive camera, but no one says that it is a action camera. The video is assuming it by itself. If I'm not mistaken, the sensor is the same, not the shutter mechanism nor the focus system. As the video shows us, the performance in low light is the same. Apropos, DxOMark named Df as the Lord of Darkness. Never has Nikon mentioned that Df has the same shutter mechanism and focus system as D4... And, what the video compares after the ISO test is exactly the shutter mechanism (speed) and focus system... This is the reason I said it is like compare a Ferrari and a Fiat 500. Sorry, but this video is nonsense.

I hate Kai.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Grating. Tired of his goofy, ironic approach. No thanks

Kind of pointless to create a classic style camera body and not create a few matching lenses..

You're not impressed by the fake aperture ring?

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I can't watch any of this guy and his awful reviews.

This was a review about a camera... not a show host. <- proof that photographers aren't working enough

There you go Df fans. Please tell me once again how the Df has the D4 sensor and how that makes up for all its shortcomings. The D4 eats Df cameras for breakfast. Hell, the D610 beats it. Photography is a mansgame.

Does D610 beat Df in ISO performance??? hum..... what about focus system... ops... they share the same... so... maybe FPS... 5.5 vs 6... not a good advantage... sorry... I do not think D610 beats Df as you mentioned.

what about the price, then?