Dentsu London Makes Paint Dance With Sound Waves

Remember Dentsu London? They were the guys that did the iPad video that we posted a few days ago. Well they just released their new project and I am blown away. These guys were hired by Canon to create a commercial for their Pixma printers. They decided to shoot splashing ink in ultra slomo.

Canon Pixma: Bringing colour to life from Dentsu London on Vimeo.

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awesome stuff.

The things some people come up with is amazing.

Creative use of slowmotion! Now the question is, What were they playing? There were several looks, so they must have played several different sounds.

I reckon they would just be using a signal generator so it wouldn't be a song as such but just a single note at different frequencies.

@Archie, You don't think they were playing the Raveonettes or Goldfrapp? 8-0

The sounds I was thinking about were 20 Hertz to maybe 20 Kilohertz. Volume must have been fairly low or they would have been splattering paint on the ceiling 8-D

Daniel Johansson's picture

Looks like pretty much a copy of Google Chromes commercial - which is awesome! =)

Daniel Johansson's picture

Looks like pretty much a copy of Google Chromes commercial - which is awesome! =)

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Wow! Not many adverts make me want the product but I really wanna get this printer just on the merit of that piece. Great work, I kinda want to give it a go just with stills.

@ Jarod, the Chrome commercial was trick. Love the potato slicer.

I wonder how many FStopper videos will use paint and a speaker this month. 8-D or maybe that should be 8-0

That was awesome. Simply put, awesome.

Who here wants to try this???

I'd love to if I had a phantom camera laying around.

I did a recent test after seeing this video. I used a track I made and a Fostex studio monitor:

Awesome video! Question though, what was the purpose of the revolving camera?

really awesome ad!
Ich w├╝rde so etws liebend gerne nachmachen, vlt. mal wenn die kalten Wintertage kommen ;-)
Thank you fstoppers for posting this! :-)

I love the choice of colors. I'm sure they had some frequency regulator that controlled how high and low the soundwaves went. Wish we had a high speed camera.

wow thats just amazing. brilliant idea, simple concept, and perfect execution. although i'm also wondering why they used the rotating rig. maybe there was something i didnt catch in the video. i thought they mentioned something about "giving it a sense of motion" but in the final commercial i dont think i saw the angles change in a rotating/revolving way.