Dodge Challenger Commercial: Happy 4th

Hope everyone in America is having a happy 4th of July. Thought you guys might get a kick out of the latest Dodge Challenger Behind the Scenes commercial. Thanks to Thomas on the forum for sharing this with us! Click the full post to watch the final commercial.

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stephen's picture

My dream car!!!! :D

Armin Defiesta's picture

Awesome ad... love the Dodge SRT's!

Ben's picture

haha George Washington driving a challenger! this is so sick

G-THREE's picture

Great spot. Just the punch line, Cars and Freedom sounds like a bad jokes. My vote on cars is a non patriotic one and goes to Japan, and the freedom probably Sweden but even Canada would do better on that. What we in the U.S. really got right is commercials, or in general entertainment.

Tim's picture

I just saw this commercial on Versus! Great commercial!