Dogs Jumping Underwater in Slow Motion (1000fps Phantom & Fastcam) with BTSV

This video, reminiscent of Seth Casteel's photo series depicting dogs diving in water, is making it's viral rounds. Produced by Daniel Harmon and Kaitlin Snow with direction and edits by Devin Graham it was created to promote Orapup dog breath brushes. But if you're watching it here, on our site, then it's likely you are more interested in the behind the scenes video, which we got.

The behind the scenes was edited by Jessica Barley
Behind the Scenes shot by Tyler Stevens
Special thanks to Mark Weiler for letting us rent his Fastcam!
And Mark Warner for letting us rent his Phantom with underwater housing!
The main video was produced by Daniel Harmon and Kaitlin Snow
Directed and Edited by Devin Graham

via [ISO1200]

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Mark Dub's picture

This is a really great concept, and some really stellar footage. But I feel like the lighting is pretty bad on this (or maybe just non-existant?)

Some people have too much gear and not enough imagination.