New DJI Inspire 1 Boasts 4K Video and Other Impressive Specs

FroKnowsPhoto's own Jared Polin recently got his hands on the previously unannounced DJI Inspire 1 to get some test flights in with DJI's upcoming new drone. The new system shows off 4K video, larger, more powerful carbon fiber body, and an affordable $3K price tag. Fro was able to get an inside look at this new drone system, and pull some footage from his test flight.

The most impressive feature of the new Inspire 1 is of course the 4K video capabilities within the new camera equipped. With capabilities of 4K video at both 24 and 30fps, the Inspire 1 also supports 1080 at 60 fps, all saved to a removable Micro SD card. In terms of file support, the Inspire 1 is able to record in either MOV or MP4 file formats for video, and DNG for photos.

Also worth noting is the new DJI Inspire 1 no longer has the fisheye lens that many have grown accustomed to with the GoPro systems. Instead, DJI has built their own camera, removing the fish eye view and replacing it with a wide angle with less distortion. Pairing that with their modular 3 axis gimbal system (meaning eventually, you should be able to swap the camera out for a GoPro or other action camera) means footage that is far easier to work with for productions both amateur and professional.

The new system also comes with a new remote sporting a rechargeable battery. It has also gone ahead and added buttons for shutters, and iris controls as well. With the HDMI, USB and other video ports on the back of the remote, you're able to pair the system to monitors, goggles, or iPads to get full 1080 downlink previews of your flight. You're no longer limited to one remote either, the Inspire 1 allows for two remotes to be connected, so one person can fly the unit, while the other controls the camera.

Flight time comes in at around 18 minutes on a full charge, but replaceable batteries will also be available for the unit. At this time, the price is reported at $2,899, and the unit should begin shipping in December.

For more information on the DJI Inspire 1, check out Fro's exclusive look into the system on his website.

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Interesting, like the HDMI out on the controller...footage looks a little shaky still, would love to see what it's like in no wind. 18 minutes is better than my 12 minute Phantom.

True but it sounds like you have the old model of Phantom - the new ones get about 20-25 minutes depending on their setup. I thought that the Inspire would at least match that, but looks like not. Still, there's a lot of tech built in so I have high hopes for this model, read more here:

I would rather the Phantom 1 where I can have multiple batteries that only take 40mins to charge, and are cheaper Then the Phantom 2 batteries that take forever to charge and are expensive.
I can charge my 3 P1 batts in the same time as it takes one P2 to charge.

You are correct Mike, I have the 1st generation Phantom.

Great design and some interesting technology but the dynamic range, stabilisation and rolling shutter on this test thank you.

Drone-wise it's a great step up from the Phantom, introducing retractable landing gear, an improved controller, downfaced sensors for indoor flying. I can imagine the added weight makes it a bit more stable?

However, on the camera-side i'd rather have a GoPro connection. The test footage is quite the letdown, and I'd love to just plug in the GoPro, which is easilly upgraded (when the time comes) and can be used on something else than DJI equipment.

Im stoked about this evolution of the cheap all-in-one drone, but ill wait a bit longer to see where this is going.

It's strange they would charge 3k and then force you to use that camera. I assumed it would carry a gh4

It was never going to carry a GH4; that's what the S900 is for.

But this tiny (1/2.3") sensor is very disappointing. There is no reason that the camera can't have a larger sensor, like the Micro Four Thirds sensor in the tiny GM1. Or at least a 1" sensor like the Sony RX100, which many people fly on Phantom 2s, has a much larger sensor than this thing.

I am hoping that the camera interface will be made public, so that third-party manufacturers can come up with something better.

Yep 100% agree with that, being locked to the DJI camera is a mistake IMO. But as a non pro I'm perhaps not the target market.

It sort of looks too pricey for a hobbyist but not good enough for a pro maybe? That's my impression.

The camera mount is also modular, so you can replace it with whatever you want. I imagine they are going to release a GoPro mount shortly.

Maybe, but that seems like the wrong move for this intermediate model. If you want a GoPro, the Phantom 2 and HD-3D gimbal is at the $1,200 to $1,500 price point. If you want a GH4, then the S900 is at the $6,000+ price point.

So if you are paying a price somewhere in the middle, I would expect to get image quality somewhere in the middle. I certainly don't want to spend $3,000+ to get GoPro quality!

To be fair this is an upgrade from the Phantom 2, even if you are going to use the Hero4 as the camera. It has retractable landing gear, sensors to fly indoor, improved controller and extended range. Are those things worth the price difference? I'll leave that in the middle for now...

You: "Everything is an upgrade except for the camera quality".

Me: "I pretty much only care about the camera quality."

I was hoping that the Inspire would be my $3K drone that lets me avoid building a $7K S900 for my GH4. But it's not looking that way now.

our company have the dji phantom. with gopro. i look and compare. this new is so bad. the pic is lagging, som shutter angle error or something and the stabilisation are worthless to on the test sampel. iam disappointed

This video should make you feel better:

Gopro...still better what i can se :)

I have noticed in a couple of videos now that the camera has moments when it appears to wobble around! Around 5.20 in the video above. i also noticed it in an interior promotional video by DJI