Framed Interviews Photographer Claudia Kunin On 3-D Art And Ghost Stories

If you're into apparitions or anything spooky, this interview with former commercial photographer, Claudia Kunin, will captivate you. Without giving away much, check out the interview. Her work is extremely unique in what she does and where she's come from. She says she loves ghosts because she's been fascinated since she was a little girl. Combining that love with 3-D ends up taking it to the next level. She even goes over how she does it. More details in the full post.  

Here's a little bit more about the interview from [Framed]:

Claudia Kunin worked for many years as a commercial photographer with her work featured in large editorials such as Rolling Stone. But entering her fifties and faced with a life-threatening illness, she decided she wanted to succeed as a fine artist. Using old family photographs and daguerrotypes, she began to craft a dream-like, intensely personal body of work.

Using Photoshop, Kunin offsets various color elements within each image. These are later recombined in the mind of the viewer when the work is seen through 3D glasses. The experience is extraordinary, like a peek into dark, secret and mysterious world.

Kunin's work is in the Getty Research Institute, the Smithsonian, the Museum of Photographic Arts, and has recently been featured in Sunstruck at the Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barara, and Digital Darkroom at the Annenberg Space for Photography.

Claudia is fascinated by the stories of the past. And what she shows us today is how she brings those stories to life using her original and one of a kind, 3-D imaging.


[Via Framed]

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