Game Of Thrones CGI VFX Breakdowns

Be fair warned, this video contains SPOILERS for anyone who hasn't seen season 2 of Game of Thrones yet. Ok, the warning is out of the way. This video, while lacking any commentary, gives an awesome insight into the CGI effects used in this visually stunning show. The group who did this, Pixomondo, actually won a Creative Arts Emmy for outstanding special effects for this season. Check it out! (I just wish it was in HD)

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John Godwin's picture

I don't know if anyone thinks the same as me, but even though I'm absolutely spellbound when I watch these, I'm even more impressed that the scenes actually came out of someone's mind.

I'd love to have that level of creativity.

Anthony Tripoli's picture

 I was thinking this when I watched it. I saw it and I was just like, "damn, how do I get to this level of creativity?!" Then of course I posted it because I am just jealous haha.

Jeremy Cupp's picture

Would be super cool to learn that.