The Great Gatsby: Breakdown of a Scene

 the master of dazzling audiences with his self-coined style of filmmaking known as the 'Red Curtain' style is back. This week's new addition to his small filmography, 'The Great Gatsby' looks to fall under the same flourish and design as previous Luhrmann films, and certainly doesn't look disappointing. In this video Baz Luhrmann breaks down one of the scenes in the upcoming movie.

In this scene DiCaprio and Maguire's characters are shooting on location in Australia which almost was washed out. If you look at the scene closely you can see the small drops of rain falling preluding to the storm that was about to hit the set. The scene is beautifully lit with lights hiding in between the trees to make the house look blindingly bright. I'm excited for the movie's release just to see how over the top Luhrmann transforms this literary classic to fit his 'Red Curtain' style and to modernize its rich and grandiose plot for new audiences who may not be familiar with the book.



Via: Mekado Murphy of The New York Times

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