A Green Screen Lesson With Freddie Wong

If you've followed Fstoppers for any length of time then you know we are huge fans of Freddie Wong and his crazy hilarious Youtube Channel. What's so great about Freddie's work is that it's not big budget at all and he mixes his great sense of humor with relatively simple After Effects to create one of the most watched channels on the internet. Last Call With Carson Daily premiered this video, Gun Size Matters, back in the Fall and I just now came across this behind the scenes video showing how they filmed it with green screen. Click the behind the scenes below and then click on the second video to watch Freddie's dream date with Shenae Grimes come to a not so happy end :)

Behind The Scenes

Full Video

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Good video! Forgetting the Green Screen problems of a continuous take, continuous takes are boring. Good editors always cut out sections of action takes. In Editing 101 they use the lighting of a cigarette - you cut from the striking of the match to the close-up of lighting the cigarette, no-one is interested in seeing the match raise from the striking position to the lighting. Look at well made action movies (like the Bond franchise), the explosion has already started when it first appears on screen.

So "Mr and Mrs Smith" ! I love it !

@Simon, Weird, I just watched that movie today :D

Cool video again, especially the crying made me laugh.

Mike Folden's picture

Yes! This is awesome! I love your crazy videos guys! I really want to start experimenting with the green screen.

Very practical and down to earth approach to what would make many editors go crazy. And he's right, I didn't notice it at first. I wonder if most people would. Probably not.