Has Canon Admitted The Difference Between The T4i and T5i is Nothing?

Has Canon Admitted The Difference Between The T4i and T5i is Nothing?

Canon fans were left wanting more after the announcement of the Canon Rebel T5i. Fans everywhere made comments on how it wasn't much of an upgrade from the t4i, and just a money grabbing attempt from Canon. Perhaps Canon has finally admitted that they're the same camera, as they're using old T4i ads, for the new T5i.

You may remember the Canon ad released for the Rebel T4i late last year entitled 'Inspired'. The ad itself is creative, and is flooded with inspiration that reminds us all why we got into photography in the first place. Well, Canon has began using this brilliant ad again, but this time, for the Canon T5i.

Canon Rebel T5i Ad -

Canon Rebel T4i Ad -

In fact, at the end of the ad, the fine print even says --
“Images captured with Canon EOS Rebel T4i digital SLR Camera.”


And it says this, right before showing the new Canon EOS Rebel T5i.

So is this Canon's way of saying that they are basically the same camera, but with one having a higher price tag? You be the judge.


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Notice on the T5i ad, it says "Images captured with Canon EOS Rebel T4i digital SLR camera" at the bottom near the end. Hahahaha

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Canon is discontinuing the T4i, that is why the 5 came out. Canon Japan is actually VERY embarrassed by the recalls on the fist batch of T4i bodies that had issues with skin sensitivity from the rubber grips.

So they are trying to create a degree of separation between the two products?

Makes sense if that's the case.

How does that justify the price hike though?

That part makes no sense, other than maybe a price hike for the stuff that 'fixed'

Seems lame.

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How much more you pay for a gas? It is called inflation. They have to pay their employees too.

Are you having a laugh? £175 more? Can you seriously say that that's inflation?

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Just looking at American gas prices. From 3.50 to 4.0 is an increase of 14%
Looking at B&H prices - t4i $658 to t5i $749 makes an increase of 11%
Numbers may be a little different in different parts of the world, but yes. In debt base economy, money will be devalued and prices will increase.

This fallacy is called false equivalence, the fluctuation of gas prices and the fluctuation camera/lens prices are obviously not the same. The example of gas is further confounded because of the large impact of speculation [but also gov subsidies as well], this accounts for the dramatic fluctuation in prices. Generally Inflation is around 2-3% a year.

Plane and simple this is price gouging.

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I really wish the inflation was 3% but it is not.
Most people misunderstand how gas prices really work. Instead of thinking in categories of buying gas with dollars, think of buying dollars with a gas. Of course we should say oil but gas is what we actually buy at the end.
If you are interested, here is a good read:

Here a little about the inflation problem:

interesting reads, assuming they are true there is still one major problem in you idea thats its inflation, for if it were inflation, why then do the prices of other cameras/lenses not reflect this ~10% year over year? I think you must agree that the t5i seems quite anomalous compared to its competition. One example: when the nikon d5100 was released it was about 800 for the body, and 900 with the kit lens, now the d5200 is out with the same pricing. A more tangental example would be the standard 13' mack book pro, the base price, for the last 7 years, for apple's standard 13 laptop has been 1200. [apple is a strange company, so you could probably argue that this is a bad analogy] however the direct competition presents a good counter example, how do you explain this discrepancy?

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Canon is just ripping you off, that's all. It's quite plain, it's quite simple.

Thank you. Someone who understands basic economics.

But gas only costs $3.34

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dude, your argument is so flawed.

Oil is not a fair comparison to camera technology. Oil is and absolutely neccessary commodity whose price fluctuates based on political situations and also global supply and demand.

Technology items become cheaper as they age and more units are produced. This is true for any technology items. So Canon is charging higher prices for antiquated tech. That is not inflation, that is robbing their customers.

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spoken like a true fanboy!

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Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for you about the price hike, but like any "new" SLR release, the price tends to release high and eventually drops and levels out.

My Canon rep couldn't answer the price hike either.

People will pay for it, especially at big box stores. A non-story, but funny for those who are a little bit more informed. Honestly there hasn't been a big image quality improvement on the Rebel line since the t2i and you can pick up a nice refurb/used model at a fraction of the price.

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So, naturally, they re-package the same camera with a different model number and a dramatically higher price tag. If it weren't for the price difference I'd be completely indifferent but, several years ago already, Canon seems to have decided that price gouging is their new strategy to increase profitability — in lieu of actual innovation. The 5D3 at $3,500, new lenses at double the price of the ones they replace, and now this,

Is the sensor updated at all, I know its the same mp but is it a newer generation or is it the same thing from before?

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I'm guessing T4i owners are thrilled

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Well, the T5i is prices $50 less for body only on B&H's website. But, I will stick with my Nikons. Not that there is anything wrong with Canon, I have been shooting Nikon for 20 years and see no reason to change.

So the ad was shot with a T5i???

Actually with a Nikon 5200.

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What else is new? This 18mp sensor is the exact same one in the 60D, 7D, etc etc LOL Canon gets tons of mileage from developing just one sensor.

Sound track pisses me off every time I hear it.. AND, it's Canon

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lol wow. cool, so canon is following in the foot steps of the NVIDIA folks. :) good job canon , repackaging exact same product and calling it new product name, made nvidia shit loads of money over the years :) well done. (end sarcasm)

why do you morons complain.. you don´t take pictures anyway.... all you do is writing on blogs!!

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There isn't really even a justifiable reason to spend the extra cash on a Rebel since the release of the T2i in my opinion.

I'm surprised they named it with the number 5 in the first place. When they released digital video tape, they went D1, D2, D3, D4, D6, etc....skipping 5. Apparently the number 5 is like the number 13 in the US.

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