Help Todd: The Journey Of A Lost Roll Of Film

Sometimes you come across a video that just makes you feel good, and this is one of those videos. Brooklyn resident Todd Beiber was out cross country skiing in Prospect Park during the huge blizzard which brought in 2011. During his ski adventure he happened to spot a canister of undeveloped 35mm film. Being the photo enthusiast that he is, Todd developed the film on his own and vowed to track down the owners of the lost roll of film. What he found was very similar to the Vivian Maier's story: a bunch of great images that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. So after watching this video, I feel like it is only appropriate for Fstoppers to help Todd find the owners of this roll of film. Will you help him as well? Hopefully we will get a wonderful follow up video of Todd hanging out somewhere in Europe :)

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Funny that so many on Youtube are calling it a fake because the guy writes and directs videos over on Regardless, fake or not, it's a cool story.

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Yeah I've been doing some investigating as well and Todd has created some great comedy sketches ( but I'm not sure that means this is totally fake. I know if I was going to make a video and hope to track down the owners of a roll of film I too would reshoot my experience and try to make it as viral as possible. Without this promoting a product or being a funny sketch, I don't see how it benefits someone like Todd at all with his success in the UCB.

this is a great story. hope its not fake. would be a very good deed on his part

after finding Vivan Maier story this timing is little suspicious.
sorry, I have to say BOOOOOOOOO!

This guys should be a writer.

This is a great story. I hope, regardless of whether he reshot it or not, he finds the owners. Then there could be another great video.

"breathtaking photos?" Really? Just because the shots are B/W does not make them amazing, they are rather pedestrian. The addition of snow makes them more interesting, but these are purely amateur. Let's not try to make this more than it is...look past all the glitzy video work and schmaltzy "I want to do something good with this $26" verbiage and see it for what it is: nothing.

Now, Vivian Maier--that is something.

If only the guy who found Vivian Maier's film had tried HALF as hard to track her down instead of sitting on it for a year!!! We might have had some real follow up to her story, and THAT would have really been amazing.

Todd's blizzard film story is cute, and Amelie-esque. I wonder if it'll set off a trend of people leaving film all over the place with a note, a la book-crossing, 1000 journals, or geocaching, a new game for photographer adventurers.

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Wow...some of these people make for a pretty tough crowd. Some pretty 'holier-than-thou' and pretentious criticism. I'd hate to hear what they had to say if they really didn't like something.