Her Morning Elegance: Stop Motion BTS

This music video created by Oren Lavie was a huge viral sensation back in Jan of 2009. I never knew there was a behind the scenes video showing the production of this clever project until fstopper reader Topshot posted this in the fstoppersforum. What's great about these videos is not so much the photography but the overall creativity with just one camera angle. Click the full post to watch the original video.

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TopShot posted this yesterday at 3:01 pm, Not Me! I just commented on his original posting.


BTW imagination trumps equipment.

Great video and BTS, very inspiring, thanks fstoppers

haha i did something like this a couple months back very fun

That is wickedly awesome. The execution is great but the storyline and music is superb.

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I emailed these guys when Fstoppers started and they told me they didnt have any BTS...... What!

Does he use a Tilt shift lens?