'Holding On' is a Video Revealing the True Meaning of a Craft

After watching this video, I realized this concept applies to so many different things and so many different types of people in life.

"Holding On" tells a story that a lot of us can relate to, a story that has great meaning and represents something much bigger and more meaningful. Everything in this video from the camera angles to the cuts, the audio, and the voice over is so well made. A lot of thought goes into a project like this and when it all comes together, it creates a valuable piece.

When we sit here and analyze this video, there are two meanings to it. The guitar and the watch both symbolize something. With only a minute to get the point across, Jared did an amazing job creating a video that sends a message to the viewer. I don't want to spoil anything or feed you my perspective, so I will leave this open for you to watch and interpret. It is one of my favorite short videos so far, and I think Jared has a huge future ahead of him with the way he sees things and puts them together. 

Check out some of Jared's work on his website and Instagram.

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Mr Hogwallop's picture

I really don;t think this spot has great meaning and represents anything new, It looks very nice and a lot of work went into making it but the "plot" is one of top three cliche tug at the heartstrings idea used in commercials. The only thing missing is the son should have been playing the guitar at the cemetery...

Anonymous's picture

So corny and overly dramatic. The only thing this reveals is that slow motion DOESN'T make everything better. nothing to see here...move along