How To Light An Interview On A Budget

If you are planning a behind the scenes video for our 2011 photo contest, you probably also need to setup an interesting interview segment to explain the details of your photoshoot. Most photographers spend a lot of money on their flash equipment but often don't have much in the way of constant lights. The guys over at SLRlounge have come up with a great BTS video on how you can create an interesting interview set on a budget. In this video, Pye Jirsa used basic work lights mixed with natural ambient light. In our contest video we either shot completely natural light or mixed in some of these inexpensive LED lights to make it a little more interesting. Taking a little bit of time to make your interview footage look good always goes a long way and is often just as fun designing as the actual photoshoot itself.

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Very well explained and demonstrated. Thanks!

Sean Shimmel's picture

Reminds me of the quote "Anyone can find inspiration in a museum but a genius finds it in a junkyard". 

Similarly, anyone can endlessly delay greatness while saving for ultimate equipment, but the wise man innovates now with what's at hand.

Excellent. Keep up the vision.

Thank you for sharing! 

good tutorial, but that key light is way too far away. The subject is really underexposed. But other than that, they did a great job explaining everything.

Ardean Peters's picture

Great tutorial.  Funny, something I thought of doing, while browsing in a Rona - and which I'll definitely try now!