How To Photograph A Spacedive: BTS With Red Bull

Red Bull is about to attempt a feat never accomplished before. Stratos is the name of the project where Red Bull will attempt to have Felix Baumgartner, an Austrian skydiver, free fall over 22 miles above the Earth and in the process break the speed of sound. The video shows the video and photography equipment, including 15 cameras, used to document the entire thing which is planned to go off around December.

They modified some of the cameras, which include a few Red 4K cameras, and a few Canon DSLRs, as well, by custom fitting them with pressurized housing that contain nitrogen gas. Enjoy the videos!

Article via: Gizmodo



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Benicio Murray's picture

that's some serious gear

on the third video, at 3:04... is that his chest hair? Lets see someone break THAT record!