How To Shoot A Commercial With Cinevate's Pegasus

Yes, this is an ad for Cinevate's Pegasus Carbon but this is worth watching. If you are into video, this ad gives some fantastic information about getting moving shots. The Pegasus isn't cheap at $900 but it is one of the best sliders money can buy for a DSLR.

Cinevate's Pegasus Carbon, DSLR Camera Slider from Cinevate on Vimeo.

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Why does this make me feel like I'm watching Norm Abrams build a cabinet? ..."Oh, just place the diamond dado saw into your table saw and adjust your fence for the miter cut you made, being careful not to touch the dovetail we cut with our bandsaw...."


Shawn, you're 100% correct. What you don't see are the hours we spent talking about the concept in our boardroom, the hours Milosz spent in pre-production, the loading up gear the day before, Piotr's storyboard sketches, 11 hours of shooting, the days of editing, sound sync and color timing, the pre-cut meeting, changes, uploading and promotion. All we do is provide some gear...the magic all happens in your hands :-) I will maintain publicly that running this company and making cool gear is way easier than making a movie.

Dennis Wood (CEO)

That is what I love to learn though, and that is what Fstoppers is all about. I've never shot a full commercial but one day I hope to. Videos like these may not help me out at this moment but they surely will in time. Plus, even if you don't want to shoot a commercials, there is something to learn from every video we post. Keep up these informative promos!

Dennis, cool and informative video. I have been saving up to buy several pieces of Cinevate gear so that I can produce commercials for my company and for other businesses in my community. I just wanted to say that I always admire people and companies who strive to be the best at what they do. I know I sound like a complete fanboy, but it is clear that you guys hold yourselves to a high standard when designing and manufacturing your products. I can't wait to get shooting on some of it.

Tim Patton
Driveway Valet

Great video very creative use of tools, i personally love it, just one question what type of cameras you used? im more into photography but lately ive been thinking about entering video, thanks so much

I know this is off topic but Jerrit Pruyn's photo looks a lot like the dude from Repo Men

Tim, thank you :-) Like you, we have all kinds of respect for shooters who show passion for what they do (at any level). The entire team here is motivated daily as we come across all kinds of folks investing their creative souls and energy in their work.

Eduardo, we used a Canon 5D, Canon 7D and the Nikon D3s for stills. Our Zeiss lens let (ZF/Nikon mounts adapted to the Canon bodies using our Nikon to Eos conversion mounts)was used extensively on both cams.