How They Made "Zon Criatividade"

When I see videos like the one below on TV I usually pay no attention. My initial thought is that some guy on a computer made it. It isn't until I see the BTS that I really appreciate what goes into these creative works of art.

Zon "Criatividade" from Nuno Rocha on Vimeo.

Making-of ZON criatividade from Nuno Rocha on Vimeo.

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ha! thats awsome! makes me wanna try it.

Oh, nice~! I've seen it before, really good work.

By the way, that's Nuno Rocha and his team(Filmes da Mente), the same guys and gals that made that short, "Vicky and Sam"

Go take a look will ya. :)

Thanks for sharing it here. From Portugal, with love!

Holy s**t.
That's some very impressive BTS.

That is some cool work!!! A lot of work with a heck of a result!
Great BTS vid!

There has an a lot easier way to do it in 3D. If I have the series of shots of his animation I can finish it in 1 day... by myself

Very cool, and very complicated...Did I see they were using a Canon 7D to shoot this?

Yes, they used 7D's