Instagram Meets Stop-motion Video

The Youtube channel Friends in Faux used over 1600 Instagram uploads to create a stop motion video depicting the crazy adventures of one character throughout his day, creatively manipulated using the available tools on the iPhone app.

For an in-depth explanation of the process from beginning to end, they've also included a "making of" which is not so much a behind the scenes as a director's commentary, breaking down their preparation and process for each stage.

You can follow Friends in Faux for more great content on both Facebook and Twitter.

Music by Emeen Zarookian

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I don't like this. Instagram is fine the way it is. If it wants to make this drastic of a change, make seperate app all together. Less is more.

I think you didn't read the article. This is a stop motion video that some guys made using instagram...

We'll have our post on Instagram now adding Video in 3.....2......1......

ahhh you're absolutely right...didn't even take the time to watch, but I just did and it is really neat. I'm just a little irritated about these instagram shenanigans going on today, ironic this article was posted as I found out about the update!

this has nothing to do with the current announcement. They made a stop motion video using images taken with instagram, not a 15 second video using the recently announced feature.