Lexus Hangs Cars To Prove Silly Point, Still Cool To Watch

Never once have I gone to a dealship and asked the saleman "so how strong is the frame of this car?" But that isn't the point is it? Lexus has been doing a great job of pushing their car commercials to the limit and then creating BTSVs of the process. The concept is pretty silly in my opinion, but the finished commercial is entertaining and beautiful to watch.

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they went to a lot of effort, but in the end the final ad looked faked due to the composite work on the backgound

Because we can… :o)

Really cool Idea for a commercial. Wonder what the people in that airplane were thinking.

Great commercial! Even though I'm not a huge fan of Lexus I think that's pretty impressive. I like the dramatic feel to the final commercial. I'm sure that's what they wanted all along. :)

this isnt a stupid concept at all.

showing how strong the frame is a big deal, and the fact that they are so confident, they put the priceless LF-A concept that was in the previous lexus commercial introducing the LF-A.

The real question is, how did they get them down?

Yeh think it was an alright concept but cant help but agree with JT, the final post work makes it look CGI'd as it where. The final video doesn't offer as much impact as the making of video.

agreed, too bad they had too much post editing done,
if i hadn't seen the behind the scene i wouldnt be interested at all as i would have thought i was looking at some fake computer image..

would be better if it was more natural.

I agree that the final product was too overproduced. They have some guts, that's a lot of money hanging up in the air like that.

Ha, Scott Pruett! I didn't realize he was driving the LFA in that commercial. He is definitely one of my favorite Daytona Prototype drivers. Nice video.