Light Art Photographer Jan Leonardo Wöllert

Get an inside look at German photographer Jan Leonardo Wöllert's techniques, practices and philosophy as he is featured in this Deutsche Welle TV interview. Jan Leonardo Wöllert is considered to be one of the original light painting pioneers and has done work for prestigious clients such as Diesel, Nike, Covenant and The Strokes.

Deutsche Welle TV:
"German photographer Jan Leonardo Wöllert started his career by specializing in nighttime pictures and has since shifted his focus to the field of light art performance photography. It's an art form that uses light as a medium and requires careful choreography. Together with co-pioneer Joerg Miedza, he has published a book explaining the technique and featuring spectacular shots."

via [BenjaminVonWong]

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cobbbb123's picture

Great! Other then him being full of himself.
"His projects also require physical fitness like being able to rotate a pole for long periods of time"  Reporter
"The breathing is very important. I do autoginous(don't know how to spell that:)) training, a special training for the leg muscles, and the ab muscles" Photographer.
LOL He is rotating a pole for a minute or two. whoop de do! even the star wars kid can rotate a stick for 5 mins and I am pretty sure he has no abs:)

:))) You took the words from my mouth.

JanLeonardo Woellert's picture

you are star cobbb :-)

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

He does have amazing works though.... But I agree, quite full of himself......

JanLeonardo Woellert's picture

Hey Stars!
Where are your photos and TV documentaries?I would also like to blaspheme a little bit about you.
Or are you just jealous?

Mark Ford's picture

Some comments a little harsh, not so much full of himself but maybe just an extrovert, hence the excellence in his art form. Let's put it this way I only wish I could create images as good as Jan's, very creative. As for physical fitness ..... I'm knackered after running around waving things around in odd positions for 1/2 hour at a time. One thing that is agreed tho .... Fantastic images