Lights, Cameras, And Pirates: Behind The Scenes On A Malibu Rum Ad

In this behind the scenes video for Malibu Island Spiced Rum, various members of the video crew share nuggets of useful information about the work that went into the commercial. Multiple locations, a huge pirate ship, and fake food are just the start of what it took. The final, edited ad is at the end of the video.

Working with a stationary pirate ship presented a unique challenge for the crew, and they came up with some innovative ways to create the illusion of movement. Working with a sunny day and then making it appear as if it were night is no small task either.

There is a longer version that can be seen here on the director's (Ben Orisich) portfolio site that includes more footage of the pirate ship.

Personally, I find it interesting to see the final product and then ask myself how I might have approached it differently. How would you have approached the production of this ad, given the final piece was likely what the client wanted?

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Hi. Great post but can't seem to open the Vimeo video (says "Private video") and can't find a link to the video on Ben's website either.
Hope you can help.

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Gah. You are right. Can't get any updates on info on it. Don't know why it was pulled, that's frustrating.