A Look Into 'Photobooth', An Open Tintype Photography Studio In San Francisco

Within the Mission District in San Francisco lies an amazing tintype photography studio called Photobooth. The best part is that you can just walk in and get a tintype portrait for yourself. Co-founder, Michael Shindler, not only talks about how it all got started but gives us a look into the process from start to finish.  Check it out the next time you're in San Francisco! 

[Via Vimeo]

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Errol McGihon's picture

Pure photography. Beautiful portraits by a true craftsman. I absolutely love the looks of these images.

I am tempted to take a trip to SF just to get one, it's so beautiful. 

RUSS's picture

Beautiful stuff. :-)

wery nice

One of the best FS post I've watched.

Jeremy Cupp's picture

Dang. I was in San Fran last November. Wish I would have known, but the good thing is I'll be there again for a conference this November!

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

Awesome. I agree with the last sentence. I started my journey with photography from digital cameras and I am very interested with film. It is just soo expensive.


Anyone know what he charges for a shot? I'm near SF and wouldn't mind one of these as a gift to my girlfriend.

ndividual 4x5 tintype: $60 eachIndividual 4x5 ferrotype: $80 eachCouples package: (includes a tintype of each individual and two tintypes as a couple) $300Groups of ten or more tintypes: $55 eachOther groups or special requirements: $450 per hour, which includes 5-8 tintypes.

So organic looking...Love it!