Ian Ruhter's Silver And Light: 'When Dreams Collide' Is An Inspiring Retrospective On Being A Modern Artist

Well-known wet plate artist Ian Ruhter has just released the fourth installment in his 'Silver and Light' series, which chronicles his trip to Seattle to meet with Chase Jarvis, his journey to becoming an artist, Chase Jarvis' very frank thoughts on what being an artist today really is, chasing dreams, and developing tintypes in Seattle rainwater. We've featured Ian Ruhter's wet plate photography many times before, but each new installment of his 'Silver and Light' series is better than the one before. Check out our other features on Ian below:

Silver And Light

Death Do Us Part

American Dream


About Silver And Light:

"In the process of preparing the time machine, I had no idea this would become one of the most extraordinary journeys to date. It would propel me into the future where I meet Chase Jarvis, one of the greatest photographers of all time. It would then send me back in time to meet with my old friend, Peter Line, the best snowboarder of this era.
All of a sudden I found myself in the present, making a picture of Ishmael Butler from the Diggable Planets. I had travelled the way you would in a dream, taking me backward into the future. A future where you paint with silver and light.

Not so long ago, four stars were created, and they each started on their own separate journeys through the universe. Astronomers once thought the chance of stars colliding was roughly once in an eternity. For this to happen in our lifetime, would be a rare and remarkable event. If scientists could predict these collisions in the future, does this mean their paths are pre-determined?

In my journey through life, it was never clear if my path was pre-determined, or if I had the ability to alter my own destiny. I would like to believe that my journey through this universe has already been mapped out. If so, then building this camera, and meeting these incredible people has been no accident, and this explains the theory that everything happens for a reason. Are we all part of a bigger picture?"

-Ian Ruhter

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Zach Sutton's picture

I have a giant man crush on Ian Ruhter. His videos always get me so inspired and energized

At 4:46 A quote that, at a time when I've been questioning my dreams and efforts towards them, left me a bit emotional: "I don't understand the distance between job and life. Lotta' people say, Well I just have this job so that I can then have this {other} life. That's a justification in my opinion. Why would you not do the thing you love?"- CHASE JARVIS Dam right.

Not gonna lie, when he said there might be ten people out there that need to hear this, i had tears in my eyes. I just went through a f***ing break up without shedding a tear and that choked me up. I know now that I am on the right path. That s*** spoke to me.

Walled Alzuhair's picture

I don't know why, but I welled up

Why you guys all crying over generic "do this to have a better life" messages.... o_O

Von Wong's picture

That was a great video, I've been hearing the name Ian Ruhter all over here in Vancouver, BC. Now i know why~ !

I just fell in love. That is all.

Lorenzo P's picture

This is love and inspiration in its purest form. It's not long before Ian becomes a house hold name.