Look What Is Possible With Paper And Fishing Line

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Man, this must have been an extremely profitable job. Super clever stuff.

I could never find someone to work that quickly with lol.

Wow, now that's inspirational!

That's a really awesome setup. Loved it.

Can you get them to do a BTS on the type of paper they used? :)

Insanely creative and fun!

What a cheap, clever idea for a commercial. Seems like all the time would be spent in crafting the paper. The hard part would be finding someone to work with like that

I really have exactly the same hair dryer. Now I know that it is a professional tool for photographers ;-).

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That was sick. My room mate and I watched both videos three times to get the full effect.

Freaking AWESOME!

Okay, that was adorable!

Wow! This is really impressive! The animation is well done too! I love it.:)

Im looking forward to see this ad in German Tv (=
Pretty cool though.

I wondered how much they billed the client, for nice behind the scenes though.

This one has my vote as one of the best F-Stoppers video.