Magic Lantern RAW Video Workflow Tutorial

So as a lot of you have probably seen, you can now record full 1080p 14Bit Raw video on the Canon 5D Mark II and Mark III. This is truely incredible. However, you can not just import the video and get to editing right away. To be able to use the RAW video, you have to convert the RAW files to DNG. Here is a quick workflow tutorial on how to do that. It's really not that hard to do, just a little time consuming.


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Thanks for sharing Chris. We have other new tutorial for Mac users.

This is so sweet!!! I wonder if its possible for the rest of the canon dslrs?

Probably not since it is a massive amount of data pushing into the card at once. The bus rates of the camera will determine if it can. I have a T3i now and I think the limit is 30 mb/sec. This is running 70-160 mb/sec I believe. I am seriously thinking of getting a Mark 2 or 3 now just for this. Just need some big jobs to pay for it lol.

So ... the same base than you do a timelapse but you have 24 pics per second. great. And how you take the sound back ?

Where I can download a latest ML version?

A very good job from ML team !!!!
It's simply awesome !

truly... not 'truely'..

Is the sensor still downsampling to 4:2:0 chroma subsampling in Live View, or is the RAW workflow taking advantage of full 4:4:4 since it is uncompressed?

Been using LR Timelapse templets and adobe lightroom 4 to skip a step in processing of the Raw DNG files for the Magic Lantern Raw hack for the Canon 5D Mark III, think it is also a superior grading tool compared to adobe camera raw. Saves a step, give it a try!
Gunther gives em away for free