The Milky Way Unlike You've Ever Seen It

Terje Sorgjerd has become one of the most popular timelapse photographers lately. His video sequence The Aurora has become a favorite here on Fstoppers, and his latest video, The Mountain, has already gotten over 3.5 million views in it's first week. In order to capture the mountains of El Teide and the skies, Terje used an automated dolly created by Dynamic Perception. Using his Canon cameras, Terje was able to capture not only the Milky Way galaxy but also an amazing sandstorm brushing off the Sahara Desert. If you are a fan of these videos, join the TSO Photography facebook page for more of Terje's work.

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Dave Persaud's picture

Simply amazing!

so clean and crisp

Absolutely stunning!

One Word! "Sick!"

Garrett Graham's picture

My Internet has been terrible for about 3 months and I am so sick of it I am about to quit! ;P

With all my respect, this is amazing, but sunset with the MilkyWay...a bit too much light differences even for multiple exposure shots.

dey manuel's picture

is that sky (milkyway) real? i dont think you can capture nebulas with a DSLR and a UWA lens... how is it possile to make sky photos better than the hubble which is located in space (knowing space has less interferance than on earth). it's beautiful though but it made me think twice.

yeah it's like he photographed the milkyway from a distance, how can you photograph the milkyway from a distance when your in it? it's like photographing a car when you're inside it.... but great post production BTW.

Nick Shek's picture

This is absolutely stunning.

absolutely beautiful, just utterly amazing the beauty this world has and the gift of displaying it like that

Sick. Just Sick.


RUSS's picture

His video editing skills rival those of the amazing youtuber; Freddie Wong. :) HEHEHE

I liked the above video alot.

This aint fake?