Monte Isom Takes You Behind-the-Scenes of his World Cup Shoot

Monte Isom, NYC-based sports, entertainment, and advertising photographer just shared a look behind-the-scenes at his most recent shoot for the World Cup. The video takes you all the way through his preproduction and makeup, to shooting with a pretty good look at his lighting setup.

 Monte photographed fans from Argentina, to Ghana, to Mexico, to the USA. The resulting photos are awesomely energetic, capturing the emotion and excitement seen in real World Cup fans. The rest of Monte's World Cup fans project can be seen here.

[Via Monte Isom]

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Always appreciate the share fstoppers! I am happy to discuss any questions about the lighting of the Fans of the World Cup photos with fstoppers commenters.

Great shoot & video, Monte! I think the lighting was pretty straightforward in the video. My only question is what you used as a fill light (if any)? It looked like you just had a bare flash head directly right of camera, almost on-axis, as fill. Was that it?

Great interaction with the subjects, too.

Thanks for the kind words about the work. I did not have a fill light at all. I chose a single key light to add drama to the fans' expression. IF someone was going dark in the eyes I introduced a silver card (20"16" silver foamcore) for a slight catchlight.

Quick question... Were you using a union jack flag with the England supporter at 1:55? :S

Mike, yes. Bad prop. Some serious retouching is going on as we speak. my bad.

Is it just me or are you Karl Taylor's Twin Brother without the accent? =) Awesome BTS video, love how you're telling what you're looking for from the talent.

So funny, i had to check the post again when I first saw him..I was like, "Karl Taylor?"

hahahahaha I may need to get on to see at what point the road forks and the accent went the other way.

Sander van der Veen's picture

Pff no dutch lions? ;-D