The Most Beautiful Set Tom Cruise Has Ever Worked On

If you've seen any movies in the theater recently you've probably seen a preview for the movie Oblivion. A major part of the movie takes place on a science fiction "sky tower" above the clouds. Instead of using green screen the director had a 360 degree set built that allowed the team to project real skyscape video around the glass building. The results not only look incredible but they also gave the actors a more realistic set to work on.

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That's crazy. Really enjoyed that they used lighting from the displays to help set lighting as well.

Very beautiful indeed.

So it was a special visual effect... or visual special effect. Either way... pretty damn cool.

That guy w/ that mustache was a great visual effect

Acutaly Video: "
Oblivion Sky Tower Exclusive Featurette"

This is pretty much the same approach you would use in lighting a 3D environment in Maya or any other 3D software. Yo make a dome that has the correct lighting information of your set. This could pick up...

I wonder how the projectors matched up the seams

Very cool

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