MovieReshape: Now You Can Cheat Your Videos Too

Warning: If you think using Photoshop is cheating then you should probably just ignore this post! I just saw the most amazing video demonstration of a new video editing software called MovieReshape. Basically it's like an automated Photoshop liquify tool for video. From now on, all future fstoppers videos will employ this feature to make everyone involved in our BTS videos look much sexier and healthier. All kidding aside, this video is pretty crazy and you pretty much have to see it for yourself. Hopefully we can get a trial plugin for Premiere soon ;)

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Martin Jensen's picture

Yeah pretty crasy! but cool! :D

Im a the only one NOT impressed with this?

This is crazy! Now they cant say the camera adds 20lbs, because they can just take it out!

Pretty amazing. I wondered how long it would take to make something like this. I just wonder about the limitations.

Roy Patton's picture

Has Potential, however, completely unimpressive, i see some serious flaws just in this demo just with the rendering....

good show though...

Patrick Hall's picture

Care to elaborate on the flaws?

One flaw that I see is that "jiggle factor" seems off. The lifeguard's muscles seem to bounce/jiggle a little more than what seems right while the bigger waist basketball player didn't seem to have enough jiggle.

Fail. The baywatch guy looks like he has boobs. Interesting concept though.

But Pammy looks just as hot in real life, so obviously there is no need to improve what is already perfect ;-)

thats amazing

Dam......I'm going to go have a big piece of Apple Pie and Ice Cream...who needs to watch their weight

Jeffrey Castillo's picture

ala v!! this is badass. I guess this changes the porn industry as well. jk. lol.

Was there ever any more announced about this?