My First Post As An Fstoppers Contributor - Douglas Sonders

First of all, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Douglas Sonders and I am a photographer and filmmaker. I'm excited to share this first post as an official member of the Fstoppers team with you. I have loved this site as a reader since its inception and am honored by the opportunity to share with you loads of new original content, much of which will come from behind the scenes of my own crazy shoots.

I'm an advertising/editorial photographer that shoots with Canon DSLR and Phase One digital medium format (I hope to do some fresh medium format educational posts in the future). Most of my photoshoots are on-location from assignments around the world. As you can see from my quick little "about me" video, I love shooting things with an engine, but most of my paid jobs come from portrait work. I hope to share with you the challenges and solutions one must face when creating unique produced content, especially when it comes to shooting in challenging environments.

I also co-founded the video production company 8112 Studios (our site needs to be updated with our new video work) with my childhood best friend Nicholas Cambata. We own our own Red Scarlet camera system and shoot TV ads and music videos. Nick and I will be creating posts and videos that share with you what it takes to put together a large video production and how to take your motion content to the next level.

Finally, I have been a photo instructor for sites like Kelby Training and speaker at live events like Photoshop World. I hope to share with  you some of my post-production tricks as well.

I am happy to check out your own behind the scenes video contributions as well. Thanks again everyone and I look forward to sharing!

Take a moment to check out my work:

Make sure to follow me for updates on my social media pages: TWITTER, FACEBOOK


Here are some miscellaneous examples of my work:

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cy sawyer's picture

Awesome!...can't wait to read and see some of your articles.

Douglas Sonders's picture


Great work man!  Look forward to reading your articles..

Fantastic!  I've always loved your work.  Great to see you on here too!

The 47%'s picture

wow! i can feel the blood pulsing thru your photo's... cool!

Pixyst's picture

A big welcome to you! You need no introduction to some of us by the way. I look forward to learning from you.

Adam's picture

CSi follows you eve-ry-where. J/K. Sorta. Congrats Doug, looking forward to your posts

Douglas Sonders's picture

CSI loves you

Loved your work for a while now, so I'm quite excited to see you here dude!

Can't wait for the Medium format posts!!  Would love to hear your thoughts on what you like about it and which lenses you love/hate for it.


I don't think you could have had a better intro video even if you wanted to. lol

Jens Marklund's picture

Well executed, but terrible watermarks.

looking forward to your articles!! 

Keith Hammond's picture

great to see you here on fstoppers, look forward to your vids and articles

Douglas Sonders's picture

Thanks for such a warm reception everyone!

Jeez Doug. You're everywhere. Where can I expect you to turn up next? Lets hang out sometime. 

Mark Dub's picture

Doug, you have the BEST promo video ever! Glad to see you on board here :)

Douglas Sonders's picture

Hey thanks! Just wait, im about to update it.

Random... I check this blog every so often and came across this post, clicked on it, then realized I met you on an airplane once a few years back. Haha. Nice work man. 

Looking forward to read more from you!

Awesome access that you have! Looking forward to more.