Nat Geo Live! Alison Wright: Portraits of the Human Spirit

Alison Wright is a tremendous inspiration as a photographer and a human being. In this always fantastic episode of National Geographic Live! we are shown just some of her adventures and a glimpse of her unrelenting fearlessness. After almost being killed in a bus crash in Laos in 2000, she persevered though a recovery process where she was told she would have trouble with mobility and never work as a photographer again. Two years later, she climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.

She is the founder of the Faces of Hope Fund which was inspired by her wanting to return to Laos and help the people that helped her to be here today.

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Albert Manduca's picture

That was amazing, that lady is my hero! How does this have no comments?

Chris Knight's picture

So it goes sometimes... Thanks for appreciating!

Albert Manduca's picture

It's funny because that's one of my favorite videos Ive ever seen on fstoppers.. Her story about meeting the buddhist llama's reincarnation was unreal.