National Geographic Films Fastest Animal In Slow Mo

If you were asked to film the world's fastest animal running in slow motion, what would you do? Director Hans Weise and cinematographer Greg Wilson teamed up with National Geographic to produce some stunning footage of a cheetah running at full speed. After meticulously building a 410 foot dolly to die for, the team propelled a few Canon 1D X cameras and a high speed Phantom along side the cheetah. I can't wait to see the final footage but after watching the behind the scenes video I'm sure it's going to be breathtaking.

UPDATE: Here is the final slow motion footage used for National Geographic:

Cheetahs on the Edge--Director's Cut from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

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Mike Folden's picture

Damn I wanted to see more final! That was awesome though!

Gunnar Rathbun's picture

at 42 seconds it clearly says 1D-X but why is the X red line the Cinema line?? thats odd.. but awesome video! I agree with Mike! 

Inderjit Singh's picture

 i think this is the complete short.They lit the Cheetah at the point where we see the slomo run....

Thomas Jergel's picture

The color of the X changes as the camera angle changes, so I think it seems red because it reflects something red or another similiar color from the foreground.

Josh Hway's picture

Wow. That would be a fun project to be apart of. 

Jean-Paul Vernier Porsche's picture

Fap Fap Fap Burst Rate! x3 

Dmitry Mokeyev's picture

thanks for "this video is private"

Claus Andersen's picture

Hmmm, it says its private. Might as well remove the blog post then :( Damn, I wanted to see it so bad!

planetMitch Aunger's picture

the BTS video is now here:

Johnathon Henninger's picture

Nice stuff!