Netflix Adds Documentary Depciting War At Its Most Terrible

Now available on Netflix, "Shooting Robert King" goes behind the scenes of what it was like to be a documentary war photographer. You always hear and see images from the war but NEVER about what it's like to be thrown into it as a documentary photographer. At just 24, American photojournalist Robert King began his 15 year journey to follow his passion. Originally he set out to win a Pulitzer prize, but in the end found himself with a life changing experience. After watching the film, you realize you aren't just watching a behind the scenes but you're watching a man evolve into so much more.

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Russell S. Mendenhall's picture

Literally just watched this and now it's on fstoppers. It was definitely a good documentary. I am really interested in war photography myself and once I can figure out how to get to overseas I want to do the same thing. I think it is such a unique type of photography and the emotion you can capture in your images would be unlike anything else.

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If this movie looks interesting to you make sure you check out "War Photographer" and "The Devil Came on Horseback." Both great movies on documentary shooters.

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Luis Colon's picture

shooting on edge is beautiful is a high you can't describe- Iove it.i'm social documentary photographer as well. Great stuff and sad history to the people who suffer for their own cause.

Not to mention The Bang Bang club.

I stumbled across 'The Bang Bang Club' a few weeks ago while channel surfing on a Saturday.  The name struck me as odd and when I read the description, I was all over it.  Those guys were nuts.  Even though the way Apartheid violence was portrayed pretty graphically, I can't imagine what it would have been like to witness it a few feet away through the lens of a  camera. I thought it was pretty well made.

Chris Pilling's picture

not available in canada..... i hate canadian netflix so much.

Jonathan Kyrein's picture

I live in canada aswell. I bought it off itunes a month or so ago. Worth the purchase.

Or if you are into graphic novels, Matty Roth in DMZ shoots Nikon! (or did once or twice)

Nathan Cain's picture

Saw this a few days ago.  You really can see his evolution as a photographer and a man.  Having seen all movies suggested in this thread, "Shooting Robert King"  is my favorite, with "The Devil Came on Horseback" a close second.  

As a British Combat Photographer, it makes me sad that I can't watch this in the UK.

I can vouch for the above recommendation for 'Bang Bang Club' too. Very good film.

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