A New Take On The 365 Project: One Second Of Video Every Day For a Year

Everyone who has ever taken any interest in photography has thought about attempting to take one picture a year in order to fuel creative growth or to create an interesting and varied body of work in a relatively short time span. Jonathon Britnell put his own spin on the 365 project (technically a 366) by shooting one second of video every day for a year and compiling into a very cool documentary look at his life over the last year.

In addition to his 366 video project, Jon has a number of similar projects that take place over differing periods of time that use the same concept (which can be seen on his vimeo page). I would love to see one of these done over the course of the year with a plot and characters that we could grow attached to and see age. On that note, just to follow one person and see how their life develops or changes over the course of the year using this one second a day technique would be really cool.

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This Is Fantastic! So inspiring, I have just started my own project and this has given me so many ideas!

It's amazing how seemingly totally unrelated clips can set a certain vibe. Music does contribute a lot too.

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I did a 365photo year a few years ago. My photo eye has never been the same. It's about time to go to the next level with another year of pushing the creative spirit. Thanks for the inspiration!

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Love it!!

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Very inspiring!

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Great video, very original in its own way. I specially liked when he picked an idea and repeat it for 4 or 5 seconds, it gives you a sense of what is important to the author, asides from the "random" images.