Nissan Shoots Their Cars Miniature Style

To put a little twist on filming one of Nissan's most recent car commercials, the crew involved shot everything on a miniature scale by using a few different RC vehicles. Check out how the team tried to preserve some of the standard elements that you might see in a car commercial. The group gets quite creative in building customized camera mounts to keep the best angles.

And here is their final product.


Nissan from Joseph Mendoza on Vimeo.

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Can we see the final result?

Konrad Beckmann's picture

Final video here:


David Strauss's picture

Thanks Konrad. I'll put it in the post as well.

You know it's old, right ? Chase Jarvis shared that video in April 2010...

Anyone know which panasonic camera they used? I have been looking but no luck so far.

It's too bad that when the car first jumps off the pizza box, its day time, but when it goes through the doggy door its a night time. 

Ahmad Aleidan's picture

regardless of how awesome this video is. its a repost:)  

Yes, I thought so as well. Seen it ages ago!

Fstoppers, love your stuff!
But when will you fix the vimeo plugin, so it will work with IOS and
My iPad ?!