#NoFilter – Behind The Lens With Instagram's Biggest Stars

Have you ever wondered who the people are behind some of Instagram's biggest profiles? With the way it's setup, you see their work first but you don't get to know too much about who they are. Some of the users on Instagram have tremendous followings. What drives them to shoot and who are they? Here are some great interviews about them and their work.  


Name: Steph Goralnick
Instagram: @sgoralnick
Resides: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Job: Graphic designer/photographer
Style: Colorful mayhem
Followers: 153,000
On Instagram since: October 2011


Name: Chris Ozer
Style: Urban Landscapes
Instagram: @chrisozer
On Instagram Since: December 2011
Followers: 114,000
Resides: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Job: Recruiter at NYU


Name: Liz Eswein
Instagram: @newyorkcity
Resides: New York, N.Y.
Job: Co-Founder of Mobile Media Lab
Style: Urban landscapes
Followers: 335,000
On Instagram since: December 2011


Name: Alice Gao
Instagram: @alice_gao
Followers: 288,000


[Via iso1200]

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So the key ingredient to become a famous instagram photographer is to move to new york!

 True that

Jesi Langdale's picture

and take pictures of brooklyn all day long.

Nick Kessler's picture

MATT - Fracking awesome! 

Stephen Roberts's picture

what a joke

Jesi Langdale's picture

Some of my favorite instagrams accounts are those of people in Pakistan. My favorites are these two guys. http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/user/244983734/


Laura Ryan Moakley's picture

lol hahahahahaaa

Martin Ellard's picture

so the video production team didn't have to walk far to shoot these IG celebs then huh!

Martin Ellard's picture

i'm on IG and I have nearly 1000 followers built up over nearly two years. Some of the most popular IGers are the ones that followed tens of thousands of people right from the start, that'll rack up your followers overnight, 90% spam, then just ditch 99% of them after a few weeks, they don't realise it and you look like you're super popular, then post the usual every day IG magic and you'll tick along nicely. Especially if you live in New York. I know i've  got a lot of 'follow me back' followers but I hope that a large portion of people follow me because they like my images, otherwise what's the point  ?

ISO 1200 Magazine's picture

Yeah, thanks again Fstoppers. It is a pleasure.

RUSS's picture

lol well said iso