Ok, NOW I Have Seen Everything

If you didn't know, the GoPro HD is a cheap video camera that shoots stunning HD footage. These guys attach it to a weather balloon and then let it fly (what appears to be) into space and then they use GPS to retrieve it. Is this for real!?!

Balloon flight, shot with an HD HERO camera from GoPro. from Francois Brahic on Vimeo.

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doing this at Bonnaroo would have been a good idea...I need to buy one of these

Hmm my brother was considering getting one of these. Maybe I should show him this video, he also just got a sweet RC helicopter... ideas ideas ideas.

Pay close attention at around 3:50 when the balloon deflates and starts to make its decent. Someone tell me that is not a seagull in SPACE!! SPACEGULLS???

I have always blamed global warming on spacegulls.

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Maybe there is a way to add a parachute so that when the balloon does pop, it would fall slower. I did like seeing it fall fast though

this is a good idea, I think it would of been better if they would of cut out some of the spinning and shorted the vid a bit. but glad I saw it.

Also glad I saw the Spacegull.

LOL @ spacegull - that was actually kinda scary up there in space, the rattling sounds.

The creator of this video claims the spacegull is part of the popped balloon... likely story... he is probably working for the government and trying to cover it up

See Lee and Patrick, I knew my idea could work...LOL WOW! Im now beginning to wonder if I was actually right about the 2 weeks project you guys working on..LOL


I have this camera. For the money (like 275.00) you get an excellent disposable HD video camera. You can choose frame rates of 60fps, 30fps and 24fps and also the HD level 1080, 960 or 720! It has a built in wide angle lense and will also do automatic shooting in incriments of 1 pic a sec to 1 pic a minute for the battery life/storage card.
After using underwater video rigs that cost upwords of 10k I say this is the best way to start underwater photography and videography. The housing is very durable and I have already had mine to depth of 75ft. This weekend I'll be taking it to the recreational dive limits of 133ft.

Oh drawbacks are NO VIEWFINDER audio is less than great and the built in lense is wide angle so limits some shooting choices.

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I'm currently outside of Bonnaroo and I'm kicking myself for not buying a GoPro HD before heading up here. SO many awesome ideas here