This Page Not Found Gets Quite Ugly

One of the unfortunate problems with running a website is you are inevitably going to send traffic to a misdirected URL or even worse a page that flat out doesn't exist. You are probably used to seeing pages that look something like this. Well the guys over at came up with a funny little way to track down their own 404 pages and fix the issue or flat out take them down. Check out the final video below and then check out the second video for some behind the scenes on how the shots were planned out. If you really enjoy this sort of thing then you will find some really helpful tips about color grading, after effects, and detailed production notes over at the 404 process page. Who knew it was so violent behind each of our websites?

Error 404!

Nosh: 404 from Firespotter Labs on Vimeo.

Behind The Scenes

Nosh: 404 Behind the Scenes from Firespotter Labs on Vimeo.

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for crying out loud at least take a knee!!!! your silhouetting yourself on that ridge-line!!!!

How the fudge, do you keep the Camera so steady? In the BTS video, i Don't see any stabilizing equiptment - has it been done in post-production (the running sequence) or am I missing something?

Alex Cornell's picture

Hey Adam, I just kept the camera out in front of me with both my hands and held on for dear life. No stabilization in post although it was considered. I was surprised how smooth it turned out too -- no magic there, just fortunate! 

I'm amazed. I've worked with Dslr video for about a year now, and invested in a shoulder rig ( ), after having looked at my material without and realized I needed something stabilizing badly.

Did you film it with a 24-70 mounted on a 5d?

this.... was...... cool!

That was a really fun video. And Adam's right, your hands are ridic steady, Alex.

For the fstoppers guys: Your 404 page was kinda bland so I fixed it for you:
If you want to use it, go ahead. If you don't know how to implement it, email me and I'll show you how :)