Parkour and a Flexible POV With a Multicopter

I'm always a fan of watching talented humans. Parkour is one of those activities which I'll never be good at, but am amazed to watch. HeliPOV had the same idea and decided that parkour group 3RUN should be shown off to the rest of us. The HeliPOV team was kind enough to film the groups jumps and dives using their multicopter. Not only does this clip show off some fun acrobatics, but it also gives a sense of what kind of shots a multicopter can pull off.

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W van de Kletersteeg's picture

The speed of that copter is pretty amazing. Although the technology could improve on the stability. The shots are quite wobly at some points. Probably due to the wind blowing through that corridor.

Just one comment. This is free running, not parkour ;) And group name 3RUN is perfect example of what they are doing :)

I must be the only geek here, but am I the only one who noticed a TARDIS in the video ? LOL

Love the flight in between the columns, great location too.