Photographer Mark Gee Captures An Absolutely Beautiful Real-Time Moonrise At 1300mm

Now here's something I've never seen before. Photographer Mark Gee shot this footage of the moon rising in real time at Mt Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand. The video, shot with a Canon 1d Mark IV, 500mm lens and 2x teleconverter from over 2km away used the extremely long focal length to create an incredibly surreal look, which silhoutted a group of people on a lookout platform against an enormous moon. Due to the long focal length, the moon moves rapidly across the frame, like something straight out of a sci-fi film. This is planet earth, folks! Mark says that the video was not edited in any way - this is just straight out of the camera. Great work, Mark!

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Cody Ash's picture

500mm, 2x tele, shouldn't it be 1000m on a FF sensor? 

Dave Nunez's picture

1DIV has an APS-H sensor, so 1.3X crop

Andrew Christopher's picture

The sensor size is irrelevant.
Changing the size of the sensor has NO effect on the length of the lens.
At 500mm x2 it was shot at 1000mm. The crop factor alters the field of view but doesn't change the focal length.
Other than that a beautiful piece of film :)

Paul Hohenadel's picture

The Mark IV has a 1.3x cropped sensor vs. full frame, hence the math is correct.

Tim Batten's picture

The magnification is not 1300mm, the 1.3x has no effect on the power of the lens/extender combination and thus no effect on the size of the image on the sensor. The image is cropped to 1.3x only.

Elroy Aguiar's picture

this is beautiful

Andy Fang's picture

Wow this guy really nailed it!

Lima_Oscar's picture

holy crap

absolutely gorgeous

words cannot express what he captured

It was edited, otherwise it would not have the music. =P

Gunnar Rathbun's picture

another cool shot.. This from Tom Guilmette shot during a baseball game on a broadcast camera with 700mm lens.. so with crop factor that would equal out to be about a 2751mm lens

David Leyland's picture

Stunning video and really nice choice of music!