Photographs Are Recreated With Thread By Hand In "Portrait And Process"

Figurative artist Cayce Zavaglia started as a painter, but has since discovered new techniques to sate her creative appetite. As she calls it, her "renegade embroidery" comes from a portrait that she shoots of a person, and then she recreates that portrait using threaded wool in a way that creates the allusion of depth, volume, and form. This video from Garrett Zavaglia gives viewers an inside look into her process.

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wtf, this is amazing, what a work!

Really incredible process she goes through for each piece, and the results are really a fresh idea in my opinion.

Lorenzo P's picture

This is scary good!!! I can tell you this, you will always find something entertaining on FS!!!!!

Dude!  That was sick.  Different people's talents never fail to amaze me.  I want someone to cross stich my face now. 

Awesome awesome stuff.  Very very cool.