A Preview Of The New Final Cut Pro X

Apple has been hard at work completely redesigning their flagship video editing software Final Cut Pro X which is set to ship in June 2011. At the recent Nab 2011 keynote in Las Vegas, FCP architect Peter Steinauer unveiled some of the new features as well as previewed the new user interface in a working version of the software. As a Premiere CS5 user, I have to admit I'm a little envious of some of these new features found in the competitor's software. Check out the highlights in the video below as well as the complete keynote presentation from Vegas follows below in 2 parts. You are going to want to become familiar with this software if you are looking to start editing behind the scenes videos or promotional videos for your business.

Supermeet NAB 2011 Keynote Presentation:

Part 1:

Part 2:

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These are great times for creatives indeed. I have a low key post for fstoppers coming up, where I've done what I could with imovie. But I'm looking forward to purchasing this and exploring the amazing possibilities with this powerful, affordable program.

Wow, I'm blown away. It looks like Final Cut just pulled ahead of the race! Very mac like. Makes CS 5.5 look like a pile of heaping **** .

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yeah, I really like how they finally made it 64 bit...how in the world did anyone use FCP with only 4 gigs of ram!!!

definitely getting it.. several things i like about what they've announced so far