Racquetball Filmed From The Racquets Perspective

I just stumbled upon another interesting video filmed with the GoPro HD video camera. It's not really an informative video but hopefully it will give you guys some inspiration. You can easily film things with these ultra small/light cameras that simply were not possible a few years ago. What could you film in a different way?

Update: Sorry about the title. I've not heard of "squash" before.

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Sean Shimmel's picture

Obviously intriguing. Immediately so.

But it also reminded me how much a viewer wants a HUMAN connect, especially with the eyes. In that sense, the intrigue was quite short lived. Would have benefited from grueling facial expression, sweat and tears.

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You have never heard of Squash! 

Wow, and I'd never heard of racquetball till now ... feel strangely vindicated translating some 'Americanisims' in a previous video - interesting considering the WWW has bought us social globalization. 

...that aside, I LOVED the clip!

We play squash here in europe. Like racquetball but with smaller, faster ball that doesn't bounce that high and longer racquets. Dam hard work...racquetball is a lot easier!

I think people are trying to hard and putting gopros on anything these days that was just to random and the editing wasn't even great on eyes... Meh

Basically, squash gave birth to racquetball :))

My father played squash at the YMCA in Havana, Cuba in the 1920s.

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