Seagull Steals, And Then Shoots With a GoPro Camera

I don't know what GoPro cameras are made out of that makes seagulls like them so much, but once again a seagull stole a GoPro - this time in San Francisco. The camera was on and aimed at the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset when the bird decided to take the viewers for a short tour over the Bay Area. Check it out, and keep your equipment safe!

via Gizmodo.

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Walled Alzuhair's picture

LOL.. Lucky owner :)

The seagull has a better framed shot that the owner

Does the bird get it's name in the credits :-)

Great way to make aereal shooting.

Some people seem to think this is viral marketing campaign.  According to adage they'e hired a new PR and Marketing company:

oh yeah, makes perfect sense, the seagull works for the agency...

David S Kalonick's picture

Fake!  someone had to :)