Sony Experiments With HD In Their Ridiculously Awesome Camera Ad

This video was featured on the Fstoppers Forum and it had me laughing from the beginning. Luckily there is also a behind the scenes video that explains how in the world they created all of this "HD Porn". I would have never thought in a million years you could mix Iron Maiden, the most ridiculous looking poodle, the largest bubble machine I've ever seen, and flashing neon lights to produce an entertaining commercial for Sony high definition products. Then again I'm not paid the big bucks to think this outside the box either. Enjoy the final commercial below and then see how everything was put together in the second video.

Sony HD Experiment Commercial:

Behind The Scenes Video:

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trollist's picture

all that effort and the online video is in standard def

I love it :)

Dan Stone's picture

did sony just say high def porn!? cool advert and i def want a robotic arm!


Hilarious! The music was what made it all work. I wish I was a fly on the wall when the concept was pushed to the executives involved in funding the shoot. Great post!

What... The... Hell... :/ 


Mr. Nuyoka's picture

And I bet they shot it with a Red Epic..

Ha, HD Porn.......

Wont help sell a single extra camera. It didn't even look hi def. That was a pretty pointless commercial with a lot of color and an ugly dog. They need to stop wasting money on ads like this and hurry up with releasing the NEX 7, because that's all I want to see from Sony. 

Sean Shimmel's picture

Only thing missing was a tough guy doing push ups in the soap with barbells.