Stop Motion Video Created With 2335 Prints

Stop motion videos are becoming increasingly more popular as digital cameras and software make them easier to create. Dave Wallace decided to make things quite a bit harder when he shot 2335 images, had them printed out, and then shot them a second time in picture frames on the wall. It took hours of work but the finished product is well worth the time. Check it out below.

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Nicholas Gonzalez's picture

Amazing work! That was awesome.

Ghislain Leduc's picture

Pretty cool indeed but I think I saw something very similar before but great video anyhow! :)

Very nice!

Lalo Rdz's picture

Great video!! That is tons of work for a project!! 

Sean Shimmel's picture

Painstakingly beautiful

very creative!

Neil e Gibbs's picture

I like!!

It's great

I like it for it it's creativity but I think it doesn't do well what it was supposed to be.... a commercial. It's simply too long.

I think there is a valuable topic that this brings up. Is there a benefit to doing things the hard way?

I have to imagine the final video could have been produced in less time and with less money if he had done it digitally. Does the fact that he used prints for this make the final product any better? Is it impressive for the actual final product or because you know what went into it?

I honestly think simply because you know the back story. Without the back story how many people would find this footage amazing? Much the same way that the Lenovo BTS video got people's attention more than the actual commercial. 

Janosch Boerckel's picture

which lens he was using on the 5 d mark 2, the second one is the 100 mm but the lens before ?

i think it's samyang 35mm f1.4

Cool technique, painstakingly boring to watch

Good work, he's young, creative and ambitious so good things await him.  If i have to criticise the final vid then it's 3 minutes too long and should have been shot head on, IMHO.  That said he's off to a cracking start.

very creative, thanks for sharing