Sunday In Rio: Behind The Scenes Of A MINI Coupe Commercial

What could be more fun than drifting a MINI Coupé around Rio, Brasil during Carnival? Director Paulo Martins takes you behind the scenes in the latest MINI commercial from the Another Day, Another Adventure campaign. Instead of filming the commercial during the annual Carnival in February, Paulo recreated the festival months later so he could drive the car directly into the parade. I have to admit I was a bit nervous watching the stunt drivers weave in an out of the city but it does make me envy one of these small cars. After watching the BTS video, watch the second video below for the final commercial. Also head over to the MINI Youtube Channel to watch other commercials in the series from Honk Kong and Iceland.

Behind The Scenes:

Full Commercial:

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OH MAN THAT WAS AWESOME. Love cars, love video, love photography, love Brazil. You can only imagine what I think about this video.

Wow impressive :-O
But i really thought it was dangerous, sliding through all of those people.
But great work!!

why are there so many negative reviews?... i didn't particularly love it, but there was nothing not to like either @__@ 

Well the final video was kinda wack but the BTS was pretty cool. It LOOKED like it was shot on a DSLR to me. ewww. Cool car though.

What lens does he have mounted in the end?  It looks like 70-200 but then again not exactly.  It was an okay BTS video but the final product looks completely different.

Patrick Hall's picture

I was wondering what grip piece was used to suction the camera to the hood.

It was a 70-200 with either a 1.4x or 2.0x extender.

Nice idea but I still think it needed a 'movie look' filter slapped over all that DLSR footage..  As another poster said, "DLSR ewww"

Wow... again my comments is gone... strange.... I was saying, overall, I think the Red One is the best Vid cam over all the others. DEtails in low and highlight are always on top 3. 

The details in the read dress are amazing compared to the others. But is the Red one the most expensive of the group? I don't know...

I have a hard time with the crappy camera flash effect on the last shot.. It's like they REALLY had to get it out the door without polishing that! Looks rushed IMO..

...uuhhhh.... I think they are trying to sell cars in this ad.... are they not? I mean really.... how polished can you make it when one of the main characters is a sumo witch doctor.... ;)  I was actually caught up in the moments, especially when the skin appeared on those luscious south american babes, to even notice any discrepancy with production issues..... :0   "(!)" "(!)" "(!)" .....oh yeah baby!!!!