Is Talent House the New Way to Make Money With Your Art?

Social media has progressed to a point where anyone can personalize their online experience. Through your own network of friends and filters, "Likes" and "Shares" now prioritize funny or relevant content for you and those you share commonalities with. Talenthouse now seeks to utilize that method of content sharing to popularize your artistic capability. The site is designed to set apart the best of the best in any category of art through popular vote. If your work becomes popular in the talenthouse system, you can capitalize and profit from it by partnering with brands and sponsors. Ideally, the site will naturally allow you to get your work in front of people who will pay you for it.

Do you think this is where the artistic industry is headed? Is this the best way to sort through and spur on hidden talent ?


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Talenthouse doesn't reward talented people but only people who have a lot of Facebook contacts.
I participated to one of their contests designing a tshirt.
People who were preselected were for the most the ugliest designs (was almost kitties gif style) and not in the subject of the contest.
They won the preselections only because they had a lot of contacts voting for them without looking at what they did.

The best works who deserved to win which to be honest were better than mine, offering the best style and design were not even in the preselections as they were not having enough contacts to vote for them.

The only way to succeed is to have contacts who'll vote for you even if your creation would make any professional, looking at your work to wish be blind instead of seeing this.

Having the public vote on design work (especially social media followers) is incredibly flawed. Real designers in the industry must cringe at these brands attempts to get themselves social media coverage and work at a cheap rate.

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