Transformers 3 Behind The Scenes

Let's get one thing straight; I hate Transformers. I actually thought Transformers 2 was so bad that I walked out on the movie and since my friend actually wanted to continue watching it (and he had the car) I walked home 3 miles in the middle of the night... That's a true story.

That being said, I can always appreciate a quality production and Michael Bay never fails with that. Check out this home made BTSV of Transformers 3 in the making. Fast forward to 2:15 for the good stuff.
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Good video, check out some of this guys,

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I actually sat through all of 2...I have this policy to give a movies a chance...there is actually very few films I have actually stopped watching. It is two hours of my life I would like to have back.

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After BOXING HELENA, any movie is possible to get some fun ... FOR INSTANCE I could sleep on Independence Day ... EAAASY.
But you're right ... TRANSFORMERS (not just because the cast, what is awful also) is what makes America be known by producers of SH*T.
Could you imagine all these money spend in education? REeducation better speaking?
How wonderful Presidents we will be able to vote for, hun, hun, hun?
No corruption ... what by the way, remind me this background is CHICAGO, am I right?
Illinois State ... where they are changing from State of Lincoln for Starte of Corr...
Nite nite people ...

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Shot on film.. gasp!

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So THAT's how they do it! I love these videos, I'm going to do this myself now!


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Wow, I think the BTS is cooler then the actual movies.

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That really is wicked. Michael Bay explosions! Gives insight on how much there is to keep an eye on when producing a feature. Thanks for sharing :)

P.S. Oh, and enjoy the movie for what it is ;)

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They replaced Meagan Fox huh? No big loss. Other than looks she didn't really contribute much after the first one.

If you didn't like Transformers, you probably aren't into battle mechs. A lot of the concept was taken from older Japanese mech characters right down to the sword wielded by Optimus Prime. While I didn't find the second installment as good as the first outside of the battle scenes, I thought they were both entertaining. Of course I knew not to go in expecting Citizen Kane or anything like that.

Pretty cool BTS. Gotta love the Bay/Bruckheimer blow the crap out of everything style.

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@ Wedding Ireland, most (but not all) big budget films are still shot on film.

At the end, starting at 4:50, you can see the pneumatic devices that are used to launch the cars into the air. With the right camera angles and editing you'll never see them in the movie.

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<3 it! !